About Us


It is night-time in the forest. A campfire is crackling, and the storytelling has begun. Campfire Graphic Novels brings you the best in great stories. Created by the world’s top artists and writers, we bring you the greatest stories ever told.

Campfire is an imprint of Kalyani Navyug Media Pvt. Ltd and an award-winning publisher of graphic novels, with a catalogue of over 80 titles across four main categories, considered essential to the learning process; Classics, Mythology, Biographies and History. Campfire’s books are sold across the globe, in the USA, Canada, UK, Continental Europe, SE Asia, and of course, India. Many of Campfire’s books have also been successfully translated into major European languages. In just six years, Campfire has developed into one of the leading lights of the graphic novel industry in India winning critical acclaim at home and abroad. The publisher has won the Comic Con India Award for Best Graphic Novel three years running.

Campfire’s Mission Statement comes straight from the heart. It is Campfire’s aim to entertain and educate young minds by creating unique illustrated books that recount stories of human values, arouse curiosity in the world around us, and inspire with tales of great deeds and unforgettable people.

Our adaptations of the western classics make the works of Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and many more instantly accessible to young minds. Retaining the core and heart of the originals, along with much of the original language, their stunning visuals remove the fear of the classics and kindle a love of great literature.

Campfire’s graphic biographies introduce the readers to the lives of a range of real life ‘heroes’. The Heroes series enables the reader to emotionally connect with the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Steve Jobs, allowing the reader to become inspired by the lives of some of the greatest heroes the world has ever known.

Our Mythology series presents myths and legends from India and ancient Greece. The lives and deeds of Krishna, Draupadi, Sita, Ravana, and many more characters from our epics are showcased to a brand new audience of readers. At once ancient and contemporary, but always authentic, Campfire’s Mythology series caters to a demanding 21st Century audience, ensuring the message of these stories will never be forgotten.

Most recently, Campfire has launched a new series of graphic History books. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, Campfire released World War One: 1914 - 1918, in early 2014. Always a difficult subject to teach and understand, this new graphic format allows readers to watch the war unfold before their eyes. Seen from the point of view of the front line soldiers, the readers can see the causes, the disasters, the horrors and the ultimate futility of war.

Campfire has something for everyone as we help our readers develop a life-long love of reading.

So, pull up a rock, warm your hands and get ready for the thrill of a lifetime.

Setting your imagination on fire!