Ashoka: The Mauryan Emperor
Author Anupam Arunachalam
ISBN 9789381182581
Illustrator Rajesh Nagulakonda

Ashoka: The Mauryan Emperor

All he ever wanted was to conquer the world. But with the world at his feet, he felt nothing but remorse. As death hung heavy in the air, Ashoka toured his newest conquest—Kalinga. He had fought battles before, but this time it felt different... Something had changed, irrevocably. Ashoka’s beginnings were not the most favorable, but with sheer will, courage, and cunning, he became the ruler of the Mauryan Empire. His thirst for power seemed unquenchable, but the Battle of Kalinga changed that forever. Soldier, monarch, and the Beloved of the Gods —this is the story of one of India’s greatest emperors, Ashoka.
$12.99 USD
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