Chanakya Of Serpents And Kings


ISBN 9789381182987
Author James Peaty
Illustrator Rajesh Nagulakonda

Chanakya lives by the abiding belief that a king should work for the prosperity of his people. To ensure this, he joins hands with minister Shaktar and plans to dethrone the despot king Nanda. By manipulating the circumstances, and through alliances, negotiations and his ultimate weapon—Chandragupta, a mercenary looking to seek revenge—Chanakya eventually manages to dislodge Nanda from his seat of power, thereby ushering in the Maurya empire, but at what cost?

An interesting saga of political moves and counter-moves, this graphic novel provides a glimpse into one of the most brilliant minds of ancient India. Philosopher, economist, strategist and author of the political treatise Arthashastra—read about this multifaceted personality, India’s Machiavelli long before there was a Machiavelli, in Chanakya: Of Serpents and Kings.

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