The Treasured Thief


ISBN 9789380741116
Author Ryan Foley
Illustrator Vinod Kumar

Ancient Egypt. In the time of pyramids and pharaohs… A beautiful young princess has arrived at the grand capital of Memphis – home to the legendary pharaoh Rhampsinitus. She has journeyed from the western lands apparently in search of a husband. While meeting the suitors, the princess becomes privy to a secret tale. It is a story of desperation, thievery, and murder. But it is also a story of family, sacrifice, and love. As this tale is laid bare before her, the princess learns of three impossible feats of brotherhood, ingenuity, and boldness of a man who would thwart the will of a pharaoh. Packed with action, intrigue, and romance, this is a tale of one of the greatest thieves in the ancient world – the ‘Treasure Thief’ who went on to become the ‘Treasured Thief’!

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