Why Campfire

Campfire mainly caters to two vital markets:

  • Retail
  • Institutional


Readers get pleasure from reading these books for leisure as the stories are well told, and the sequential art of the comic book and graphic novel format offers great scope for enjoyment. Campfire books are available in all major bookstores and online stores such as Amazon and Flipkart.


In addition to the Value Education and Art & Craft series, which are specifically tailored for classroom learning, Campfire’s books have also been recommended by secondary education boards across India as supplementary reading material. Bulk orders of Campfire books are available for school and college libraries at discounted rates.

Graphic novels are now recognised teaching tools that have proved invaluable in schools and institutions across the globe. The unique combination of high quality text and illustrations help students grasp the core elements of a text while reinforcing memory with imagery.

  • Children love this medium! Therefore, it is the perfect way to get them to love learning.
  • It is a great way to get children interested in tedious topics like history and biographies.
  • There is higher recall and retention of the material read in this format.

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